STOP-IT is a program of  Family and Community Services.

STOP-IT is funded to work with any and all victims/survivors of human trafficking.

  • Adults and Minors
  • Sex Trafficking and Labor Trafficking
  • Domestic (US Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents) and Foreign National (documented and undocumented)
  • Male and Female

STOP-IT does not discriminate against anyone who meets the definition of Human Trafficking and desires assistance in working toward freedom of their trafficking. At times we also work with people who do not yet desire to be free of their trafficking, as we attempt to motivate them that there could be a less exploitive life for them in the future.

STOP-ITs goal is to assist people in leaving/exiting/escaping their exploitive situation and/or helping them stay out. We do this by working alongside people to identify their needs and help them get those needs met. Needs including but not limited to: clothing, toiletries, identifying documentation, sustenance, shelter/housing, transportation, legal, medical, psychological, schooling, job connection, interpreter. Anything that a potential client identifies as a need or goal, we do our best to provide for it or connect them to a place that can provide for it.

Although we are not miracle workers, and we work within existing service systems, but we do our best to assist exploited persons and with client’s permission, we work alongside law enforcement, prosecutors, immigration attorneys, DCFS workers, medical providers and family members.