Not Just One Day

Everyday Awarness

When we hear about human trafficking sometimes we are so overwhelmed by all that has to happen for slavery to really be abolished. And we are then left with a helpless feeling, overwhelmed and sometimes debilitated by our fear.  (Think of the opossum’s response to fear in which it uncontrollably ‘plays dead.’) We often do not know where to start. So we don’t do anything. 

But today people have found something to do. Many individuals are participating in the Shine a Light on Slavery Campaign, by the End It Movement. Based on the number of pictures I have seen posted on social media, what a wonderful way to start the conversation, to raise initial awareness about the issue within our own communities. Great first step. But I hope that is truly what it is:  a first step. If we really are in it to end it, we must look at the next steps. Drawing an X on our hands for one day, in and of itself, is not going to do anything to impact human trafficking. If, however, we are willing to explore what else needs to happen in our communities, we can actually make a difference.   So I challenge those of you who have that red X on your hand to take the next step. Explore the organizations supported by the End It Movement. Ask more questions about the STOP-IT program. Figure out who is doing the work in your community and actually connect with them. Just get up and do something. Tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. And the day after that. Don’t let this be a one time thing.


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