Our Program

human trafficking - salvation army stop it program

The STOP-IT Program:

  • Attempts to build relationships with suspected trafficked persons through street outreach,
  • Serves all persons including children and adults, women and men impacted by sex or labor trafficking,
  • Assists persons currently victimized, as well as survivors through service referrals and ongoing support,
  • Conducts training seminars to raise awareness about the existence of human trafficking,
  • Provides practical assistance to community services providers to assist in recognizing possible trafficked persons, thus expanding the scope of service.


  • Access to Outreach Worker, through 24 Hour Hotline:1.877.606.3158
  • Crisis Intervention / Motivational Interviewing
  • Trafficking victim identification and assistance in Chicago
  • Training on all aspects of trafficking, including victim identification
    and community strategies for combating trafficking
  • Service connector to all needed services


  • Outreach to victims of trafficking, providing support and planning to assist in safe exit from trafficking
  • Train community service providers regarding trafficking
  • Raise public awareness of trafficking “red flags” and what can be done


  • It is a fundamental human right to be free of exploitation in all its forms.
  • Every person has inherent dignity and worth.
  • We are committed to battling against social injustice.
  • We believe in building relationships to facilitate safety by listening and motivating.
  • We are motivated by compassion for the people in our community.
  • We believe that by training the community about trafficking, we will identify and serve more people.

STOP-IT does not discriminate against anyone who meets the definition of Human Trafficking and desires assistance in working toward freedom of their trafficking.